How To Get Rid Of Ants Overnight - Homemade Ant Killer


It's the time of year again when ants get active and are on the prowl for food sources. Regardless of how clean I try to keep my home, it's inevitable every spring. First I spy one or two in the kitchen or bathroom – the scouts. I squash them with a tissue and throw it away. A few day later, there are a couple more. I begin diligently wiping up every crumb from counters, chairs, and floors and start mopping more often. However, I will soon discover a line of ants somewhere in the house.

If you experience this same problem, don't be tempted to immediately call in a professional to get rid of ants! I've done this in the past and wasted a lot of money without lasting results. Instead, I have found a simple homemade ant killer made with three basic ingredients that I already always have at hand. You will be amazed at how easily - and cheaply - you can rid your home of ants yourself!

All you need to create your own successful natural ant killer is:

1/2 cup of sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons Borax (find Borax on Amazon with free shipping here!)
1 1/2 cups warm water
A paper towel or cotton balls
Optional: shallow containers (milk caps, small jar lids, etc.)

Follow these easy steps to easily and safely rid your home of ants:

Stir together the sugar and Borax until well mixed.
Add the sugar mixture to the warm water and stir until fully dissolved.
Soak cotton balls or wadded up pieces of a paper towel with the solution.
Place the soaked cotton balls or paper towels where the ants are entering your home, or where you see them gathering (these can be put into a shallow container, if you wish).
Wait a few days. You may not see much action around your preparation at first, but once the ants discover this sweet (but deadly) nectar, they will swarm it. In fact, you may briefly see more ants than before. This is OK – in fact it's great – because these ants will take the solution back to their nest. Within a day you should see less ants and in a few days they should disappear altogether.
Note: Extra solution left over from one treatment can be stored in a sealed jar. Just be sure to label it, as it will look like simple water, and store it safely away from children and pets.