The 'Mom I'm Bored' Jar - Clever Boredom Buster For Restless Kids!

We’ve all heard those famous words “mom, I’m bored”…but the next time your kids complain about having nothing to do you can be prepared!
Filled with lots of different chores and activities, this fantastic Bored Jar will help to encourage imagination, cleaning skills and healthy habits in your children.
Any spare container will work then all you have to do is write down an eclectic mixture of different tasks you would like them to complete.
If you’re looking for inspiration some of our favorites include:
Do 50 jumping jacks
Water the plants
Read for 10 minutes
Sweep the kitchen
It’s super simple to put together and better yet, it wont cost you a penny. After a while you’ll find that your kids will actually enjoy the Bored Jar and want to pick out an activity every day!